PostScan Mail Review on My Blog – Honestly about the Pros and Cons

The familiar mailbox is becoming a thing of the past, and Virtual Mailbox services are replacing it. They allow you to use a wide range of functions from anywhere in the world. One of the most popular is considered PostScan Mail, which I studied in detail. An analysis of hundreds of reviews on various sites allows me to talk in detail about the company and its features.


The user gets a personal account, which can be accessed around the clock from anywhere in the world. Log in from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The App Store and Google Play stores offer a convenient app with high ratings. The PostScan Mail service offers a standard set of services:

  • the ability to select more than 600 mailing addresses across the U.S. (as of 2023);
  • scanning mail as soon as it’s received;
  • mail management through a personal account;
  • shredding of mail in a shredder;
  • virtual business address;
  • forwarding of letters and parcels to a user-specified address;
  • convenient mail organizing and cataloging.

There is a 24-hour helpdesk, which you can go to at any time of the day or night and get quick consultation.

Advantages and disadvantages

Consider the strengths and weaknesses of this service. For comparison, let’s take the main competitors: Google Workspace, iPostal1, Traveling Mailbox, Anytime, Alliance Virtual Offices, and others.


Benefits Disadvantages
Accepting mail from USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx The number of postal addresses is relatively small. In large cities there will be no problems, but in small localities there will be difficulties.
Unwanted mail and spam are not counted in the total mass, their pre5erabotage is free Check deposit is not available
Can receive mail on behalf of the client No facsimile services are provided
Cloud storage from the company has no limitations
Incoming mail is scanned automatically
Free first week for storage of physical packages of any size and 30 days for letters


After analyzing the available information, we can say that PostScan Mail is optimally suited for sending mail, as it offers favorable conditions for such services.

In the reviews you can see complaints about the lack of indication of the cost of shipping, but this problem has long been corrected and the interface is finalized in accordance with customer requests.


There are three pricing plans available to the user, all of which share the same basic features. You don’t have to pay an amount right away to get started, PostScan Mail offers full-featured access for 30 days. If you are not satisfied with anything, you can cancel the subscription and your money will be refunded.

  1. An entry-level offer for $10 a month, where you are notified of 30 letters and parcels. One person is the recipient, and there is a separate fee for opening and scanning.
  2. A universal rate of $20/month that offers up to 60 items. Includes opening and scanning of 10 mails.
  3. The service fee is $30 per month, with up to 6 recipients. Up to 120 items can be accepted and 20 letters can be scanned at no additional charge.

If you pay one year in advance, you get a savings of 16% (2 months out of 12 are free). If you are not satisfied with the standard rates, you can design your own, tailored to your needs.


What languages does the service support?

English only, translations into other languages are done using third-party tools.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes, it is available for iOS and Android operating systems.

Who is PostScan Mail targeting?

The most advantageous offers of the service will be for freelancers, travelers, students, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

Can I receive mail under someone else’s name?

Yes, this option is available if you specify the appropriate item in the settings and attach the power of attorney.

How do I get emails online?

After confirming the USPS Form 1583, a notification is sent to the customer upon receipt of the letter. Detailed information becomes available in the user’s personal cabinet.

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  1. Since I am temporarily living and working in another country, I need to receive documents from my bank without actually being present. With the help of postscan mail I do it easily. In general, there are no issues with the service, the only thing is that I wish these services were cheaper

  2. That’s great. Why didn’t I know about these things before. Now I can travel the world all year round without any problems (I’m a travel blogger)


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