iPostal1 Review on My Blog – I’m Honest about the Pros and Cons

iPostal1 Digital Mailbox

iPostal1 is a virtual mailbox that can be accessed from any device. I have read in detail the tariff plans of this service, read numerous reviews about it and made a comparison with competitors. Based on the information gathered I present a detailed analysis of how beneficial it is to cooperate with this company.


To start using the service, you need to choose a mailbox address and tariff plan. From the documents, a one-page USPS 1583 form is enough. Special conditions are provided for foreign students.
After registration of a personal account, the user receives a range of opportunities:

  • viewing their mail from anywhere in the world;
  • receiving mail from all courier services;
  • parcel forwarding to any address (to be specified by the user);
  • you can add phone and fax to forward calls;
  • disposal or shredding of junk mail;
  • scanning of letters (front side of envelope and contents);
  • depositing checks in the mail;
  • forwarding parcels between branches (handy for online shopping);
  • physical storage of parcels and letters;
  • online storage for documents and scans.

iPostal1 provides a real street address, which enhances your ability to conduct business or interact with various official authorities.

Advantages and disadvantages

iPostal1 is considered one of the largest virtual mailbox services. All work processes here are thought out to the smallest detail. I tried to analyze the situation deeper and describe pros/cons in comparison with competitors (Traveling Mailbox, Anytime Mailbox, Incfile, Business Anywhere and others).

Advantages Disadvantages
Convenient app with a high score The number of international outlets is limited
Price for sending parcels is formed online 2 GB of cloud based storage (usually enough, but many competitors do not limit the user)
You can use local or international delivery Locations have different status, which can increase the cost of virtual mail up to several times
Supports courier services such as DHL, FedEx, USPS and UPS
Free storage for letters and parcels within 30 days
Affordable pricing, advantageous terms and conditions for connection of additional services
More than 2500 addresses all over the world, more than many competitors


The iPostal1 service is designed for different categories of customers – from individuals to large companies.

Fee plans

In general, the pricing policy is affordable, the minimum lease term is 1 month. If you pay for a year at once, provides a savings of 16% of the amount. There are 4 standard plans:
1. Green.
2. Blue.
3. Silver.
4. Gold.

The main difference is the number of available items for any type of sending, which is 30, 60, 120 or 240, respectively. There is a large number of services, which are available to users of all tariffs without exception, as well as additional paid services.

The cost may increase, depending on the location of the virtual mailbox. There is a division into standard, premium and prestigious locations. iPostal1 tries to stick to the policy that any location has addresses with a basic cost.


Where will the mail be stored?
At the address that is specified when you sign up for Virtual mailbox.

Can my spouse fully use the service?
Yes, if you specify him/her when filling out the USPS 1583 form. You can add any person (up to 5 people).

Can I have multiple businesses on one mailbox?
No, this is prohibited by the USPS. Only one business name per mailbox is allowed.

How do I pick up my mail?
At the storage location (at the selected office) or order to be shipped anywhere in the world.

 Can I use the received address to register my business or receive documents?
Yes, the service has the necessary competencies. In Oregon, Missouri, Washington and California, you should consult further with the state authorities on these issues.

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  1. I am an ethnic Spaniard born and raised in the United States. My job allows me to work from anywhere in the world. Now in my ancestral homeland, Madrid. I enjoy the city, the gastrobars, the people. And at the same time I am up to date with all the work processes thanks to ipostal1

  2. Everything is intuitive. Even a person far from technology will be able to handle it. I get everything I wanted from the service


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