Anytime Mailbox Review on My Blog – I’m Honest about the Pros and Cons

Anytime Mailbox Virtual Mailbox

If you need to receive correspondence or parcels without physical access to a mailbox, you should pay attention to virtual mailbox services. There are a large number of such companies with different terms of cooperation for customers. In this article I will elaborate on Anytime Mailbox. It is one of the oldest and largest services that provide virtual mailbox services. As a basis for the material I used reviews of real users from various resources, as well as the official website.


You can have a virtual mailbox in more than 1,800 locations. The customer receives 24-hour access with immediate notification upon receipt of correspondence. Services are available to all individuals, no need to have U.S. citizenship or provide other documents about the legality of being in the country.

Anytime Mailbox virtual mailbox owners receive the following services:

  • scanning the contents of emails that are in pdf format;
  • integration with CRM;
  • shredding or recycling of correspondence in a shredder;
  • check deposit;
  • mail forwarding to any address;
  • Providing a real street address;
  • storage of parcels and letters;
  • 24-hour consultation.

The registration procedure is made as simple as possible. It uses a simple and clear interface for mail management.

Advantages and disadvantages

I did some research on the specifics of using Anytime Mailbox service. Against the backdrop of competitors, the company has the following features.

Benefits Disadvantages
It’s not hard to find an address in the right place Some location options offer a reduced amount of available services
Low cost of services (one of the lowest in the market) Check deposit service is not always available
Collaboration with the virtual notary platform Notarize, which simplifies the task of registration There are complaints about the speed of response of technical support
Physical storage is available for up to 30 days for all types of items Cost from $4.99 per month available for a limited number of seats, regular prices start at $10-$20
Working with FedEx and DHL courier services
Mail is checked round the clock, correspondence is displayed in the personal cabinet immediately after receipt
There is an affiliate system with commission management
You can customize your tariff plan to your individual needs
The size of cloud storage for correspondence is unlimited


From all of the above, we can conclude that the service offers some of the best conditions for maintaining a virtual mailbox by users outside of the United States. The listed features will be most beneficial for freelancers, travelers, and small businesses.

Rate plans

The service’s affordable pricing policy has already been noted before, as you can pay from $4.99 per month for the minimum rate. If an Anytime Mailbox user cancels their subscription within the first 30 days, they get a refund.

There are several universal tariffs, depending on the amount of services used:

  1. Up to 30 free letters per recipient.
  2. Receipt of up to 100 items, possibility of two recipients.
  3. An advanced plan that allows you to receive up to 200 letters and opens up a wide range of possibilities to the user.
  4. A choice for those who don’t want to face limits on the amount of correspondence they can receive.

If you are not satisfied with the options offered, you can use the basic plan and connect the necessary options and services.


How safe is the service?

A comprehensive approach to user data protection is used, all information is transmitted over a 2048-bit SSL connection.

Are parcels accepted from all courier services?

Yes, including USPS, FedEx, UPS, as well as DHL.

When can I pick up the mail in person?

During any working hours (of the branch where storage takes place).

What is the difference between shredding and recycling?

Recycling allows for environmentally friendly disposal of correspondence, while shredding is used for confidential documents.

Is it possible to register a virtual mailbox for a short time?

The minimum period of payment for services is 1 month.

Do I need additional software to use the service?

For convenience, you can download a free application, any additional costs when using a virtual mailbox is not provided.

What do I need to create a profile in Anytime Mailbox?

It is sufficient to submit USPS Form 1583.

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  1. Everything works as it should. And I think that I am using the minimum features offered by Anytime Mailbox. I am interested in the simplest thing – receiving mails from anywhere in the world while I am not at home. Sometimes a little faster, sometimes a little longer – but everything gets through.

  2. It’s OK. Been using it for a few years. But I would like cheaper prices. I think these prices are too much


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